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Men’s suits for the wedding

The image of the bridegroom at the wedding should be elegant, sophisticated and suitable for the chosen bridal outfit. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right suit that would perfectly fit.

Fashionable forms and styles
Every year, designers offer different styles and color combinations of wedding suits for men. The traditional black suit is not at the peak of popularity this season, but is still considered to be a classic of wedding fashion.

The styles of brown, white, silver, blue, gray and violet colors are relevant.Types of wedding suits differ, first of all, by tailored jackets. Among them are smockings, tail suits, frockcoats, three-piece suits, classic suits or business card suits.

The smocking is characterized by a long single-breasted or double-breasted jacket with satin or ribbed silk lapels. The shirt is worn with a stand-up collar. Trousers with straight-cut stripes are worn either with braces that are hidden behind a vest or with a belt-sash.

Black smocking is the most traditional, dark-blue fabric is less used for tailoring. However, if the celebration takes place in the summer, then it will be appropriate to dress in a white smocking. The velvet smocking looks especially elegant and extraordinary, it meets the requirements of true connoisseurs of taste.

The classic wedding suit includes a jacket and trousers of various colors and styles. It is more practical in contrast to a smocking, because it is appropriate to wear it at work, at business meetings and official events after the celebration.

The suit-business card jacket there is a jacket with rounded panels at the back, fastening with one button in front, which was popular in the 19th century as casual clothing. It looks very solemn and well suited for a themed wedding ceremony.

Another suit for special occasions ia a tailcoat. This jacket is short in front and elongated in the form of narrow folds at the back. The pants are quite narrow and are fitted with double silk stripes on the sides. It is worn with a white shirt, white vest and white bow tie.

Youth, fitted, three-pieces, unusual and original (for example, a tail suit). As a rule, if the wedding takes place during the cold season, the suite is chosen from wool. It looks great and keeps warm.

If the wedding is scheduled for summer, mid-spring or early autumn, then you can pay attention to fabrics such as linen, cotton or silk. However, make sure that this fabric contains a certain percentage of elastane – without it, the fabric will wrinkle and look not the best way very quickly. There is one more variant of a groom wedding suit – without jacket. it not so rare. This is especially true in the hot summer. This solution is popular for weddings organized in an unutraditional style.

The jacket can be successfully replaced with a waistcoat or with spectacular suspenders. If you choose a good bright color, they will become a noticeable decoration.The vest has ceased to be just an addition to the suit. It can be an independent element of clothing.

Fashion designers offer to a groom a huge variety of vests for every taste. Fabrics, textures and styles will make the wedding look interesting and unusual.
Although the wedding suit is rather a traditional clothing, it doesn’t have to look strictly and primly. Modern styles allow a groom to choose a suit for every taste. Bright and juicy shades are also preferred and, with a proper cut, will look incredibly elegant and festive.

It is necessary to treat the choice of type of fabric not less responsibly, than other aspects. It depends on the fabric how comfortable the suit will be and how long it will maintain a presentable appearance (that is, it will not crumple or deform). The chores can be delivered by thick, shiny materials, artificial fabrics and some natural ones, for example, linen, which is wrinkls easily. But the groom must to look perfect all day long and partially at night.

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