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About company

PrJSC Volodarka is one of the leaders of Ukrainian market in the area of production and realisation of classical menswear.

Today we produce elegant, practical and very convenient clothing for men.
It is fashionable, comfortable and light, stylish and fitting, and it is notable for being practical and hygienic. Our modern equipment allows to make the softer and thinner, which adds comfort and softness seams in our products .

Qualified specialists and modern equipment are the special pride of the sewing factory Volodarka.

We are fitted with the high-tech equipment , such as  Assyst design system, American cutting complex Gerber , Bulmer, which significally improve the work on styles’ creation and guarantee the high quality of cutting items.

The sewing lines are equipped with highly productive sewing machines from the best manufacturers, such as : Juki, Brazer, Pfaff, Durkopp Adler. The finishing workmanship is operated by Brisay, Test, Indupress wet-heating machines. All products undergo through the high-tech workmanship on modern equipment and through a precise quality control.

High qualification of our workers and specialists allows to achieve a level of quality that meets international standards.

Over the past 10 years, as a result of modernization , the company has managed to increase the production by 2 times, and a labor productivity by 3 times. Today Volodarka employs about 1000 pcs and we annually produce about 800 thousand pieces of garments.

Volodarka’s own-designed collection contains more than 100 styles.

The assortment of men’s suits develops in several directions.

“Classical” – inexpensive practical men’s suits for people with conservative views.

“Casual” – men’s suits for young people and people who prefer a free style in clothing.

“Business class” – high-quality suits for men working in organizations that require a certain style of clothes and compliance with social status.

Products from “Volodarka” represent business and casual styles in modern fashion.Costumes and men’s clothing from Volodarka is undoubtedly the best choice for real men.




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