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Men’s wardrobe items that attract all the women

A real man can say a lot by his appearance. Clothes, shoes, hair, accessories and other attributes – all this speaks for its owner. Attractively dressed man will be able to win the heart of any woman.

Business suit
Elegant, nice costume is a classic. Classic clothes never go out of fashion. If a woman sees a man dressed in a perfectly matched suit – she will never stay indifferent.

High – Quality shoes
Quality shoes are the most important element of the wardrobe, which says a lot about the person. Girls are well aware that men’s shoes should always be clean, high-quality and elegant. And most importantly – a combination of shoes with clothes. That is why ladies often pay attention to this element of the male wardrobe.

V-shaped cut
The girls love when a boy wears a T-shirt or V-neck sweater. It gives courage and well-being. That is what attracts a look.

Rolled up sleeves and slim tie
Such an image is the perfect combination of business style and carelessness. A tie adds seriousness, and rolled up sleeves dilute the image, as if to say: “My work is not the only passion that drives me.”

Аccessories taste matches
Today all sorts of leather, woven, metal and rubber bracelets, scarves, glasses are in fashion. They add a little romance. And this is what girls find very sexy.

the well matched headdress transforms a person and makes him stand out from the crowd. So choose the right hat / cap / baseball cap and be ready to be the center of attention of girls.

Well-groomed view
A man may wear stylish clothes and fashion accessories, but if he looks messy and sloppy, we doubt that he will make a good impression. If a man wants to see a well-groomed and beautiful woman next to him, then he himself should take care to have a well-groomed and neat appearance. Today it is possible to combine elements of a suit with clothes in a street style. This is an actual and compromise option for those who want to look stylish and in no hurry to remove the classics on the entresol

T-shirt and suit
A lot of designers approve the combination of a T-shirt and a suit. In this way, you can demonstrate not only the diversity of your wardrobe, but also the absence of a boss who controls the dress code of subordinates. The experts advise to choose costumes in a neutral color and without an elaborate cut. Then they fit under t-shirts of different colors. The most win-win combination is a white T-shirt and a gray suit. But don’t stop there. Experiment with different variants of T-shirts – in a cage, in a strip. Most importantly, they should not be too baggy and short.

Jacket and jeans
Many consider this combination inappropriate and do not represent how you can wear a formal jacket and informal jeans. But if you correctly combine both items of clothing, you will get a very good result. Give preference to monochrome jacket without fanciful elements. Choose classic jeans, you can slightly narrowed to the bottom, without an abundance of parts and ragged knees. You can complete the look with a polo or a shirt with open top buttons. As a shoe fit derby or sneakers.

Suit and Sneakers
If it is unskillful to pick up such a duet, then the look will resemble the seller who shod his sneakers to unload the boxes. Choose suits better muffled dark tones, without an intricate design. Sneakers should be of high quality, leather with minimal or no decor. Shoes are better for shod without socks, and make cuffs slightly looking out from under the jacket to emphasize the informal style.

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