Judging by the latest collections, which have been demonstrated by famous designers on the best catwalks of the world, there are many popular trends from past seasons in the autumn-winter trends. This pleasant news will allow you to leave your favorite things in the wardrobe. At the same time, many interesting stylish new products have appeared that will surely interest young men and women. And now we would like to talk about the main trends of the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season.

  1. practicalness, as before, remains in priority. This is felt in the approach to the choice of colors and textures. Although, for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the main accents have shifted noticeably towards classical values – comfort and coziness. Fashion designers offer neat silhouettes for the business image. Loose cut coats, chino pants, soft jumper will be at the peak of popularity this season .
  2. Brutality has not lost its relevance. This fashion trend has been conquering the streets of world capitals and provincial towns for several seasons. It firmly fixed its position, and will not surrender it in the autumn-winter 2020-2021season. Brutal looks in the “casual” style, proposed by designers for men, can proof this fact. And trousers are added the outerwear, stylish colored gloves, which will be the main focus of the men’s ensemble on the background of sad autumn landscapes.
  3. Retro does not cease to excite and fascinate with its nostalgic melodies of the past. satin patterns will a touch of luxury and glamor chic to the upcoming season. Although this unexpected curtsey toward the 80s of the sounding century is a bit unusual, it will allow men to create extraordinary ensembles.
  4. Club style is another new discovery that stylists actively offer the male audience. Aristocratic notes, which are characteristic of velvet and velor textures, successfully fit to this images.
  5. Soft coloristics, as experts predict, also will be enjoyed by men of different generations. The fashionable palette of the upcoming season was made up of shades: beige, gray tones, unfading khaki and Camel colors. It is also worth paying attention to the color of ripe cherry and aged wine. Outerwear, reminiscent of the color of a stormy sky, will be particularly popular. The presence of bright prints and colorful decorative elements on different wardrobe items is not excluded. Such a trend as logos deserves close attention, it returns to the bold 90 years of the previous century. All of these additions will help to diversify male images.
  6. It is not the first time when Scottish check appears in the firmament of fashion trends. This print is fraught with so many undiscovered opportunities that the designers once again decided to pay attention to it. Even the individual details of the wardrobe or the elements of the decoration in the check will complement the male image with the features of an imperturbable gentleman. In short, despite the climatic inconveniences characteristic of the autumn-winter period, the fashion season promises to be bright and diverse.

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