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Volodarka’s history

The history of the public corporation “Volodarka” begins from the date of 1923 when the workers’ union of the sewing industry decided to organize sewing workshop for unemployed tailors in Vinnitsa.

The first labour collective consisted of fifteen male and female masters who used their own equipment in taken apartment and their main business was to renovate the old clothes. Gradually the new workshops and tendencies were opened and the result of it was that the small sewing workshop turned into the factory.


In 1928 the factory was named in honour of Volodarsky. In 1933 the consisting part of the clothes factory was 10 per cent of the total gross output of the Ukrainian clothes enterprises. Up to 90th of the XX the enterprise works with five factories of the Vinnitsa region.And during аlmost than 100 years the main specialization is invariable – the classic man clothes.

The clothes factory in the name of Volodarsky always had the high performance level and repeatedly got the honorary title “The enterprise of the high production level” and annual gratuity of the Ministry of the light industry of the USSR and the other decorations and awards.

After the USSR breaking-up, the old traditional markets disappeared but the new alternative markets are created, such as: the West European region, especially, Germany.


The factory begins to sew the ready-made garments for well-known European men clothes’ brands that helps to gain a good wide production experience, to create the own name and to get into professional contacts.

Since April, 1994, the garment factory named of Volodarsky changed the form of the organization function and begins its activity as the public corporation “Volodarka” and due to the enterprise privatization in March 1996 the factory belongs to the labour collective.


The corporation with foreign firms requires the higher standards of production quality and for this purpose it’s necessary to conduct the technical re-equipment. The enterprise buys up the modern highly productive equipment and on its own carries out the technical re-equipment of the manufacturing base.

Nowadays the labour collective are in possession of the unique garment technologies of the highest world level, thus it allows to increase the labour productivity and the other production norms and also to save on the resources.





After the tenth anniversary of the independent activity inside the new market conditions the public corporation “Volodarka” is recognized brand in the field of the production and selling the high-quality man classic clothes. It is by right the specimen and pride of the national clothing industry.