The present day “Volodarka” is the dynamic and active developing enterprise with the invariable specification that is the production of the man classic clothes.

Nowadays more than 1000 good units are produced; these are elegant suits, coats, trousers, waistcoats and the man jackets.


volodarka_now 11Priority napryakom development is the promotion of the Ukrainian market of collections under its own brands. The products of the firm Volodarka can be seen in many shopping centers in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. For example, in the winery for many years successfully operating two such branded store.



volodarka_now 22Company specialists are constantly monitoring the trends of modern fashion world. Regular study of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the demand provides the necessary information for the timely adjustment of the range models: the collection are a detailed study, revision and update.






Specialists of the enterprise permanently observe the modern world fashion tendency. Regular research of the qualitative and quantitative demand characteristics gives the necessary information for the opportune correction of the range of goods: the collections are received the detail study, renovation and revision.


The enterprise is the official partner of the well-known European man clothes producer – trade mark “HUGO BOSS”.

Nowadays the PrJSC “Volodarka” is modern concern that has the powerful resources for the purpose of creating and advancing its own production brand. The success of the trade mark “Volodarka” is shown in such awards:

  • Winner award in the field “The best producer in the clothing industry” which was carried out within the limits of the wholesale fair “Light industry – 2002”;
  • The participator diploma of the international wholesale fair “Light industry – 2002”;
  • The diploma of the First Ukrainian exhibition-rate “Best domestic producer – 2002”;
  • Best employer 2002-2003.
  • Diploma of winner of annual regional competition “the Names, which are trusted” 2005 – 2013.
  • Diploma of rating “Best Entrepreneur of Ukraine” 2013
  • Diploma of the winner of the annual regional competition “The names that are trusted” 2005 – 2014gg.
    Diploma of the winner of the annual regional competition “The names that are trusted”, 2005 – 2015.
    Diploma of the winner of the annual regional competition “The names that are trusted,” 2005 – 2016

The enterprise has a good tradition – the regular sponsorship, active support and patronage help to cultural and public-service institutions, the educational, medical and sports institutions, invalids and ecologists. For these purposes the considerable pecuniary volume is given from the accounts.

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